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Smart Cities Overview

Smart cities emerge as the result of many smart solutions across all sectors of society fueled by a combination of disruptive technologies, social innovations and changes in human behavior with the use of data and innovative technology.

True smart solutions combine disruptive technological capabilities with changes in human behavior.

The latter can only be achieved by simple, intuitive solutions that appeal to real human needs. They should invite people to change behavior voluntarily, being perceived as meaningful, easy to use, always available, durable and scalable.

Most new technologies and social innovations are disruptive on their own. The combination of them is even more powerful and creates a ‘perfect storm’ of disruption.

A city is smart when investments in human and social capital, traditional infrastructure and disruptive technologies fuel sustainable economic growth and a high quality of life, with a wise management of natural resources, through participatory governance.

Typical smart city benefits are already becoming visible but the imminence of change and the size of impact differs per industry.

Major disruptions in industries like Retail, Media and Banking are already happening. Other industries are expected to follow later. Ultimately, our entire economy will be disrupted.

Each sector contributes with its own unique innovations to the overall success of the smart city. Harvesting the potential benefits from all relevant sectors is the challenge of the city


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