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We generate revenue for our customers.

Nobiletec is a multi-national consultancy firm focused on generating revenue for our clients. As a premiere open innovation partner, Nobiletec specializes in B2B, B2C and P2P FinTech solutions.

Our clients experience a competitive advantage from our 20 years of combined experience in the FinTech industry and deep industry connections.

Nobiletec enables businesses to unlock their true potential. We offer guidance through every step of the product and customer development life cycle. Additionally, through our Sales & Marketing strategies, we support and empower client growth.

Why Us
Adaptability: customized services to meet your needs.
Flexibility: low operational costs reduce initial investments.
Globally Minded: local market insight in 4 continents.
Consistency: expectations are met and exceeded.
Integrity: honesty is at the forefront of our business model.
Expertise: over 20 years of FinTech knowledge at your disposal.
Our Team


FinTech Investment Advisory

Our knowledgeable team is fully dedicated to optimizing strategic relationships with companies in the FinTech sector. Our deep industry connection and comprehensive industry expertise assists interested parties in investing, partnering with or acquiring digital companies. As a partner, we work alongside investors throughout every stages, from seed to buy-out.


Business Strategy Consultancy

Our combined years of experience in the FinTech industry allow us to carve the most effective path possible for our clients. Our deep connections and knowledge enable our clients to overcome challenging regulations and legal requirements. With firsthand knowledge in three continents, our understanding of the global market empowers strategic decisions and business structure. Our tactical guidance and informed evaluations provide the effective planning and organization your business needs in this complex industry.

> Regulations & Licensing consultancy

> Go-to-market planning

> Analysis of business models

> Benchmarking

> Strategic Networking

Business Development Services

At Nobiletec, we know planning is essential, but execution is paramount. We invest in our client’s progression in the industry and provide proven methodologies and guidance for achieving success. As our client, our deep connections provide a competitive edge for your business. We are there for our clients providing guidance and support throughout the entire growth process.

> Products/Services localization

> Leads & Revenue generation

> Channel recruitment & development

Networking, PR & Communications services

> Promotion via Events & Roadshows

PR & Communication Services

General communication services do not fulfill FinTech solutions specificities and needs. That is why they do not deliver. Realizing that, and seeking to provide our clients end-to-end services, we have structured a Public Relation & Communication branch in our business, allying our own expertise with highly experienced partners, operating in network and therefore able to reach any local or international market faster and more effectively.

We understand no business can be fully successful without a well-planned PR & communication strategy. Awareness, storytelling, engagement, word-to-mouth and fidelity. Our job is to cause a strong impact in prospects, costumers, opinion makers and all the key stakeholders who are going to sustain solid growth in your business. Combining social, paid and press actions, we bet on reputation as one of the most valuable assets a company can build. That is what Branding is about. Our approach relies on intelligence, technical skills and updated tools in order to deliver consistent and measurable results.


Sales & Marketing Team

In order to sell your product or service, you need to get it in the right hands. We identify and define your target market and use the most efficient channels possible to reach them. We present your prospective clients with a clear and concise message relaying your unique value propositions and differentiators.

Our experience allows us to identify which of your prospects will make the best customers. We review budget, need, and timeline to maximize your conversion rates. We offer transparency and realistic expectations throughout the sales process and create customized proposals to increase your closing potential. Execution is crucial to any partnership and at the forefront of our business model. Rest assured as a Nobiletec client, we will see through the entire sales and marketing process until your objective is met.





Peer-to-Peer Payment


B2B Payments

E & M - Payment

Social Payment


Lending (C2C, C2B and B2C)

Investment Strategy / Portfolio Management

Equity Financing / Funding / Secondary


Financial Research and Data


Processing / PSPs / Acquirers

Financial Networks


Credit / Debit Card innovation

Crypto Currency & BlockChain

Big Data & Analytics

Cloud data processing

Machine learning

Data mining

Cyber Security

Data Theft & Loss


Digital ID

Identity and Access Management

Risk & compliance management

Personal Finance Management







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