This is our third and final post about the changes we are likely to see when cities become smart.  

Smart Retail  

Smart apps will lead retails through the path of flexibility and convenience for the customer. Apps will communicate with beacons to offer products based...

To talk about what changes we might see taking place on our everyday life when regular cities transform into smart cities, we are going to need more than a single post. So let us just start with the first part of major changes that will be perceived as a city becomes s...

The National Financial System (SFN) in Brazil is formed by a normative system and an operative system.

The regulatory and supervision entities are the National Monetary Council (CMN), that oversees the financial system as a whole; the Central Bank (BACEN) that carries o...

The economy is being transformed through the continuous advance of technology. This new digital economy that arises from this junction is causing big shifts in the world economy.

To segment this big topic, we can cluster the subjects into five categories and we will pre...

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