We have entered an era in which technology is no longer an intimidating novelty. Its use in business and industry is both accepted and expected. And pressure abounds - from the federal government, local school boards, and the popular press - for educators to get on boa...

Agriculture technology, or agtech for short, wasn't a target sector for venture capitalists or entrepreneurs for a long time, but it has confirmed its place as an industry of interest for the venture capital community.

The opportunity to bring agriculture, a $7.8 trill...

Collaborative economy is when consumers can get whatever they want from each other, without depending on large organizations.  

Wikipedia has a really good explanation of what the sharing economy is: "The sharing economy (sometimes also referred to as the peer-to-peer...

Health care is being reinvented. The shift is being driven by two main factors: the search for economic sustainability and digital disruption. Digital health (mobile apps, wearables, social media, and analytics) is expanding access, improving quality, managing costs an...

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