Though banks are still an important part of people's lives as primary financial services provider, their relevance in the market is decreasing because new specialized players (e.g.: FinTechs) are taking some of their market share. Even if this market share is temporari...

Today we are going to discuss about the three main trends among the most promising financial service firms that are transforming themselves into Big Data-driven companies. 

- Data operational model: by defining roles and responsibility, these firms put in practice a dat...

The evolution of technologies have been helping the CFOs to make better decisions and focusing in other areas rather than monitoring and control function to analyze new business opportunities. Thanks to the new way data is storaged and live connected to the systems. 


Data has changed in a way that its speed and amount has greatly increased. In this new scenario, financial service firms must deal with continuous flow of data. They are used to deal with their internal and structured data, but much more unstructured data is generated...

In a world where the use of mobile technology is consistently increasing, people expect to be able to buy products and services wherever they are and whenever they want it.

To be able to offer some kind of solution to these customers, some countries and regions around...

The current economic system is deprecated. In a world where the amount of information and the quickness of its distribution are enormous, the economy still seems to use the internet as a cane, going slowly and sometimes stumbling on its way. Nobody really paid any atte...

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